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I had posted a couple of preview pictures from our trip to Chicago quite some time ago. I have finally gone through them all, and picked a few of my favorites to show here. Chicago has some really amazing architecture! I have always been a self-proclaimed lover of "old buildings" so Chicago was a great place for me. (Not to mention all the other cool stuff about it!)

A view of the Civic Opera Building from the river.

The lake, a bit of Millennium Park, and some of the oft-seen construction.

Another view from the river.

The Sears tower from the river.

A shot from the Chicago Aquarium. I didn't get too many shots from the Aquarium, unfortunately, because it was SUPER crowded. But it's a great place.

We loved Chicago and I can't wait to go back again!
It was the 28-105 at 28mm. That's fairly wide, and at that particular angle, it gives it a sense of distortion. :)
Very nice work!