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We are moving off of LJ and onto Blogger for the good ole photography blog!

You can find the new blog at: http://www.rockstarphotographyblog.com

If you still want to watch the blog, and you've got us friended on LJ (thanks!) you can click the orange RSS feed icon in the right hand side of your address bar and add us to your Google homepage or other reader.
I will be making a jump over to blogger, hopefully tomorrow (erm.. later today?). Stay tuned!
Here is a collection of the shots I got over the last two days.

Word to the wise, it is unwise to spin around in a circle on a gravel road while wearing flip flops. You might fall down and split open your head! I speak from experience. :)

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Kelly and Brian are in town from CA, and wanted some shots in their hometown before heading home! I had a blast with them and love that they were willing to try anything. After we finished our session, I jetted up to Addison to watch the Kaboom Town show and snap a few fireworks.

look under here for more of their preview pics!Collapse )

Plus, one sneak peek of the fireworks!

Inspired by Jamie from Burnett Photography I decided to do a little "10 Things" for people to get to know me better! Thanks for the idea Jamie.

1. I have been a vegetarian for around 12 years.
2. I not only LIKE brussel sprouts, but I love them.
3. I have an abnormal fascination with squirrels.
4. I have seven tattoos.
5. My favorite author is Oscar Wilde.
6. I have three younger brothers.
7. I collect My Little Pony figures. And, I am not ashamed of it.
8. I am totally obsessed with shoes, you could say I collect those too.
9. I enjoy geeky things such as Star Trek, and comic book movies.
10. My favorite band is Depeche Mode.

Comment and tell me something about you.. :) Anyone is welcome to play!
I had posted a couple of preview pictures from our trip to Chicago quite some time ago. I have finally gone through them all, and picked a few of my favorites to show here. Chicago has some really amazing architecture! I have always been a self-proclaimed lover of "old buildings" so Chicago was a great place for me. (Not to mention all the other cool stuff about it!)

A view of the Civic Opera Building from the river.

The lake, a bit of Millennium Park, and some of the oft-seen construction.

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We loved Chicago and I can't wait to go back again!
I felt like some of the images from the Princeton scouting adventure were just calling for some vintage applications.. So I had a few plays.

Be sure to check us out and send us a friend request on the following networks:


On our way back home from our exploration yesterday, we stopped at Lafon's firework stand. They were super nice and very helpful in guiding my husband to pick the right fireworks for us. :)

To get to Lafon's from 75, take the Bethany exit (in Allen) and follow it until it turns into Lucas, and then take a left on W Lucas, and you'll see Lafon's just up the road. You can't miss it!

You'll see why.. :)

World class fireworks!

My honey debates on what to get..

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So if you need some fireworks.. you should go to Lafon's and check them out!
Today Brian and I went out exploring out Northeast of where we live. We found some beautiful rural areas with all sorts of fun vintage stuff! It's only about a 20-30 minute drive from where we live, so it doesn't actually take that long to get from a metro suburban area to get to the gorgeous country! We took our dog, Dante, as well, because he loves a good car trip!

Dante enjoying the wind through his teeth!

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On our way back home from Princeton, we stopped at Lafon's Fireworks and I took some pictures there as well! They had a fun classic car and lots of bright colors. I will post some pics from Lafon's tomorrow! Stay tuned..
I decided it had been too long since I got some new snaps of our kitties. I wanted to have some fun with very shallow depth of field.

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Not really a photography related post, sorry! Just something that has been on my mind, that I wanted to share with the world.

I was raised to believe that everybody was equal. Granted, this country has come a long way in equality over the last two hundred years, but we still have so far to go. There is obvious fear and hatred (against gays and middle eastern individuals) and there is hidden fear and hatred (various racial, economic and religious reasons). I guess that all anybody can do is continue to promote love with their own behavior, and hope that others will join them.

A couple of my favorite songs:

Depeche Mode - People are People

Okay.. the video is pretty awful.. but it doesn't take away from the meaning. :)

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Finished up Cicelyann's session from the 21st. Wow, I whipped through these! But I had lots of fun. :)

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I am almost done with Cicelyann's photos.. I had some fun playing with textures with these pictures!

Finished up Ashley's bridals today..!

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